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  1. Facilities for voting to public servants on election duty

  2. 1.1 The provisions relating to the exercise of vote by person on election duty are contained in rule (4) of DMC Rules 1970

    1.2 Presiding Officers, Polling Officers, or other public servants on election duty in the ward in which are registered as electors have been given the right to opt to vote in person in a polling station is which they on election duty, if they so desire, and not by postal ballot. Any such voter opting to vote in person has to apply to Retuning Officer in Form, for such facility. The Returning Officer on being satisfied that the person is untitled to the concession, will grant him Election Duty Certificate in Form 13A.

    1.3 No steps for identification of such person are required. He may be allowed to vote as under:-

    1. on production of election duty certificate, obtain thereon the signature of the person producing the same.

    2. have the person's name and electoral roll number as mentioned in the certificate entered at the end the marked copy of electoral roll; and

    3. permit him to vote in the same manner as for an elector entitled to vote at that polling station.

  3. The issue of E.D.C. to a voter on election duty/ reserve duty is intended to enable him to vote personally at the polling station where he is would be posted on election duty. If for nay reason, the posting a person, on election duty/reserve duty is cancelled/not made after the entry E.D.C. is made against his name in the marked copy of electoral roll, he should not be deprived of his right to exercise his vote. Such a person whether an election official or any other public servant on election duty to whom an E.D.C. has been issued should be allowed to cast his vote at any polling station other than the one in which but for the issue of such election duty certificate he would have been entitled to vote including the polling station where he was originally posted for duty.

Handbook for Presiding Officers of Election