Manual 2

Powers and Duties of Officers and Employees

Designation of Post Powers Duties Attached
Adminitrative Financial Statutory Others
1  State Election Commissioner Full powers for conduction of elections


Directions, superintendence and control over the preparation of electoral rolls and conduct of elections and other allied matters. Ex-office member of the Delimitation Commission Conduction of elections to local bodies of Delhi and Chandigarh
2 Secretary-cum-Addl. Election Commissioner Head of Department As delegated by the Delhi Govt. In respect of Administrative/Financial matters Acts as Secretary State Election Commission -- Head of Department and to assist State Election Commissioner in performing his statutory and administrative duties.
3 Deputy Secretary -- -- -- -- Performing the duties of OSD-I, II & III.
4 Administrative Officer (working on strength of MCD) Head of Office As delegated under GFR -- -- Incharge of administration, budget and acccounts and assisting the Commissioner and Secretary in conduct of Elections.
5 Superintendent -- -- -- DDO PIO, Work as section Incharge for Administration and any other work assigned by the superious
6 Asstt. Accounts Officer -- -- -- -- APIO, All accounts work, bills and budget and any other work assign by the superior.
7 Head Clerk -- -- -- -- To assist to Superiors
8 UDC & LDC -- -- -- -- Sectional work to assist the superiors
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