Manual 6

[Section 4(1)(b)(vi)]
A Statement of the Categories of Documents that are Held by it for Under its Control

Nature of record Details of information available Unit/section where available Retention period, where available
1 Electoral Rolls for all wards Particulars of electors e.g. S.No., House No., Voters Name, Father's/ Husband's Name, Sex, Age and Address Store Keeper Retained a period of Six Months from the date of publication of result of election or in case of any election petition, retained until the petition is finally disposed off.
2 Election Records (Restricted)
1)Used Ballot papers)

2)Unused Ballot papers)

3)Counterfoils of BP)

4)Counterfoils of used BP)

5)Working copy of electoral roll used at the polling station)
As polled by voters -do- As signed by voters Used for identification of voters and as records of voters who have voted Sealed documents kept in safe custody --
3 Election Records (open to inspection) All records prepared at the polling station and at the counting centre except those at no. 2 above and list of polling stations for ward Concerned Returning Officer --
4 Result of election and relevant forms All the forms and statement on which result tabulated and result is declared Election Commission Permanent record (open to inspection and issue of copies to the public)
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